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OKALUX designs and manufactures innovative insulated glazings for efficient solar control and unique aesthetics. For 50+ years, OKALUX has taken architectural glass to the next level. OKALUX specializes in the encapsulation of materials such as natural wood grilles, metal meshes, capillaries for diffusion, and parabolic louvers within the cavity of the insulated units. OKALUX has continuously focused on transforming standard clear glass into a tool that design professionals can utilize to improve and enhance the overall structure. High quality materials are utilized which lead to attractive structures that stand the test of time.


OKALUX light-diffusing insulating glass elements illuminate rooms evenly to a depth of 50 feet with minimum shadowing. The light-diffusing properties of OKALUX are due to a capillary inlay in the interpane cavity, enabling a truly natural expression of the entire light spectrum. The Color Rendering Index of standard OKALUX glass is 96% – 97%, very close to natural daylight. Okalux, Okalux+, Okalux K, and Okalux EVO


KAPILUX is an insulating glass which contains a capillary panel. This panel is made of honeycombed, clear or white tubes. KAPILUX is available in varied styles and configurations. Kapilux T, Kapilux W and Kapilux WS
Rowe Fenestration | OKALUX
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Rowe Fenestration | OKALUX
Rowe Fenestration | OKALUX

OKAWOOD Insulating Glass with Timber Inserts

As a natural material, wood creates a comfortable atmosphere inside buildings and a warm aesthetic on the exterior. OKAWOOD insulated glass encapsulates natural wood grilles between the panes of glass providing solar protection for the interior and preserving the natural raw material and its inherent color tones. Okawood is a design-oriented sunshade system. In the cavity of the insulating glazing, the narrow profiles, made of specially tested, renewably harvested woods, ensure effective sun and glare protection. OKAWOOD with timber veneer is a maintenance free wood cladding solution for a building’s exterior. A wide variety of unique natural wood veneers are encapsulated between glass panes for easy installation as spandrel panels on the structure. As with OKAWOOD timber grille, the natural woods are protected from fading, buckling, staining, and the build up of moss. The glass protects against UV-radiation and other climatic conditions.


OKASOLAR Glass is a passive, maintenance free solution for the solar control of a building. The glass cavity contains optically designed, fixed louvers for daylighting and heat reflection. OKASOLAR can be used for:
  • Seasonal sun protection
  • Year round solar screening
  • Interior daylighting and contrast reduction
  • Interior aesthetic appeal
  • Okasolar F, Okasolar S, Okasolar W


OKATECH is the perfect blend of beauty and efficiency in an insulated glass unit. A wide variety of metal meshes can be placed within the glass cavity of an OKATECH unit. The mesh faces the sun and screens out high solar gain. The reflectivity of the metal creates an attractive and distinctive exterior aesthetic to the building. OKATECH is composed of three glass panes. The mesh materials are placed between two of the glass sheets at the front of the unit and facing the exterior. A solar control coating placed behind the mesh prevents secondary solar heat gain from radiating into the building’s interior.


OKALUX glass tubing and rods offer a wide range of options for creative ideas and extraordinary product innovations. There are almost no limits to the possibilities and they only start with the profiles shown. Upon request we will find the perfect solution for your ideas and projects. The only thing you have to do – create it with glass! Specs and product brochure.