Single Source Solutions in Glass

Custom decorative glass and paints

Back Painted Glass

GlasPro back-painted glass products were specifically designed for use in applications requiring bright, durable colors with excellent chemical and scratch resistance properties. GlasPro offers a complete range of Pantone colors and can match most major paint manufacturers. GlasPro can also create custom colors including pearls and metallics. Panels range from 1/8″ to 2″ and up to 100″ x 200″ in size.

Magnetic Glass

GlasPro magnetic glass surfaces bring new possibilities into corporate and educational interiors by allowing maximum use of wall space with minimal maintenance. Available in standard white or colored glass, this product can be used as a dry erase board or projection surface, and will hold documents snugly when magnets are used. GlasPro magnetic glass is available in a variety of thicknesses and up to 96″ x 180″ in size, and can also be laminated with high resolution graphics!

High Resolution Graphics in Glass

GlasPro uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques in producing digital graphics of uncompromising quality. In addition to digital photography as shown on the right, this technology can be used for corporate logos or even to create a template for recording patient data on a whiteboard in a hospital setting. All high resolution graphics are available as transparent, translucent or opaque, and panels range from 1/4″ to 2″ thick and up to 59″ x 144″ in size.

Cocktail Collection and Digital Prints on Glass

GlasPro is able to use their own standard patterns or your custom designs to create lively panels in a range of finishes and translucencies. Patterns can be etch, clear or colored and further modified using our Color Toolbox in order to get just the look you want. Panels range from ¼” and up at sizes of 96”x180”.


GlasPRO Bird-Safe Glass

Bird Safe – Ultraviolet Reflective Pattern. Visible to birds. Highly-transparent to the human eye.

Collisions with glass claim the lives of millions of birds every year. Birds are unable to pick up clues that windows are present and frequently don’t survive impact. Fortunately, birds have a broader spectrum of vision than people and can see colors that are part of the ultraviolet spectrum, giving them better visual acuity than people.

This is where GlasPro Bird-Safe, a bird-friendly glass with ultraviolet reflective patterns can help prevent bird-window collisions while being highly-transparent to the human eye.

With an American Bird Conservancy (ABC) Avoidance Index (AI) of 79 percent, GlasPro’s Bird-Safe glass significantly exceeds the ABC’s minimum standard for effective bird collision deterrent materials of 70 percent. Under sunny conditions the product’s AI is 84 percent which is considered highly-effective

This means that birds avoid the glass because they can see the bird-friendly, colorful patterns in the ultraviolet reflective glass. The GlasPro Bird-Safe solution is proven to effectively deter birds, improve energy efficiency, meet safety standards and maintain the user experience with its high transparency.

Rowe Fenestration | GlasPro, Single Source Solutions in Glass

Chris Rowe, IIDA, CSI, Director of Creativity. GlasPro Specialist – Customer Advocate

Kendal Rowe, Customer Advocate
Sales Representative & Design Consultant, Southern California

Rowe Fenestration | GlasPro, Single Source Solutions in Glass
Rowe Fenestration | GlasPro, Single Source Solutions in Glass
Rowe Fenestration | GlasPro, Single Source Solutions in Glass

Colored Glass

GlasPro offers over 250 standard glass colors that can be layered to create endless combinations of custom colors. GlasPro colored glass is rated for exterior and interior use and carries a full warranty for either installation. This product is available in 4 translucencies, and panels range from 1/4″ to 4″ thick and up to 96″ x 180″ in size.

Naturals and Textiles in Glass

Whether you prefer bunches of bamboo or swatches of silk, the GlasPro™ Naturals or Textiles lines put over 100 options at your fingertips. These complete lines of organic materials or textiles, laminated in glass, offer fresh new directions for designing spaces.