Engineer, fabricate, and install sophisticated cladding products and systems

Fabricated panel systems

MillerClapperton fabricates multiple wall cladding products and proprietary attachment systems. Our historic focus has been on Metal Composite Material (MCM), but architecture and construction is changing and projects now include many different types of exterior cladding products. MillerClapperton continues to evolve with the industry and continues to provide experience and expertise to many of these new types of products.

  • HPL
  • Fiber Cement
  • Plate Aluminum

National Fabricator:

MillerClapperton has two fabrication facilities: one in Austell, GA and the other in Mesa, AZ. Each facility is led by a Production Manager with over 25 years of service. From these facilities, we’re able to provide you with fabrication services for Metal Composite Material (MCM), High Pressure Laminate (HPL), Aluminum Plate Material and Fiber Cement panels nationally.


Through the use of advanced CAD drafting and 3D technology, MillerClapperton offers expertise and solution based ideas to assist our customers and industry partners in all phases of wall cladding systems. Inspired by innovation and motivated to remain the leader in our field, we’ve developed processes and practices that vastly improve our efficiency and ensures a quality product for our customers.


With in-house professional engineering, MillerClapperton has the capability to provide signed and sealed calculations as well as approval drawings for various wall cladding materials and support framing systems. This service ensures that each individual project complies with the project specific design parameters determined by the design engineer. An additional benefit: we’re able to rapidly adapt and modify design due to unexpected project conditions, keeping you on schedule and ready to finish on time.

3D Laser Scanning:

Several years ago, MillerClapperton made a revolutionary decision to forge ahead with the latest in 3D laser scanning technology, catapulting our capabilities well beyond those of our competitors and allowing us to extend the resulting benefits to you. Not only does 3D scanning make us faster, more accurate and exceptionally more thorough when conducting field measurements, but it also helps us to discover any major problems like variance early on (something that’s quite difficult to discover with other field measurement methods). The earlier you’re aware of issues, the faster it can be fixed.

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Scott Rowe, Customer Advocate