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Inter-Sky is a client-oriented company whose staff of engineers, fabricators, sales and support personnel provide a unique approach to skylight design and construction.

The blend of innovative design, sound engineering, and skilled craftsmanship combined with a dedication to quality and schedules, assures our customers of a superior product. We will custom design, engineer, and fabricate your skylight to meet your specific needs. The inter-sky experience begins with your inquiry. We are an owner-operated company available for on-the-spot consultation, providing you with immediate price and delivery commitment.


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Let Inter-Sky assist you with design consultation and resource details, so you can draw the perfect skylight into that project you’re working on, knowing that we can engineer it, fabricate it and install it, worry free.


we do it all

We can be your one-stop shop so you can draw the skylight you want to see in your project, and we’ll make sure it meets engineering requirements, is fabricated at the highest quality and is properly installed, all at a reasonable price to keep your owners happy.



We will help you choose the design that is best suited to your application. Experienced skylight designers utilize the latest computer-aided design (CAD) work stations to produce shop drawings of the skylights and their details. This complete description of the products gives the architect and contractor confidence in the quality and integrity of the structure. Drawings of typical designs and construction details can be downloaded on our Configurations pages in Autocad DWG and DXF format.


Our designers will review your project and provide cost-saving suggestions based on our experience. Quality and aesthetic appeal are combined with economy.

Your job will become the personal responsibility of a project manager. Each step of the process from shop drawings through final delivery is identified on the project schedule and status is tracked continually. You are always within a personal phone call or an electronic status update of your skylight project.



Inter-Sky offers a single source for the skylight from conception and design through fabrication and custom installation. Equal care is given to monumental, commercial, or residential requirements. inter-sky will build virtually any configuration of skylight. We can accommodate all pitched and flat roof conditions. Our work is fully guaranteed to be of the highest quality and workmanship required to give years of trouble-free service. We are licensed contractors in several states and our products meet all applicable codes


Professional skylight installation services are available throughout the U.S. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and we can offer private rates, prevailing wage and Union installations. 

Rowe Fenestration | Suntuitive, Dynamic Glass

Chris Rowe, Customer Advocate

Scott Rowe, Customer Advocate

Rowe Fenestration | Suntuitive, Dynamic Glass
Rowe Fenestration | Suntuitive, Dynamic Glass
Rowe Fenestration | Suntuitive, Dynamic Glass