Bird Friendly Glass by GlasPro

GlasPro Bird safe Glass

Silk-screened, ceramic frit patterns on glass can reduce bird collisions with railings as they are always visible, even with strong reflections.

GlasPro’s fritted glass is a long-lasting solution for railings that blends bird-friendly function with performance and aesthetics.

Bird Safe Fritted Glass includes options with:

  1. White ceramic dots covering 20 percent of the glass or
  2. 1/8” lines on the outermost (1st) surface of the glass.

The line and dot patterns comply with the bird-friendly 2 x 4 rule which is related to the size and shape of birds in flight.

The 2×4 rule, as defined by the American Bird Conservancy, describes the distance between elements making up a pattern applied to windows for the purpose of preventing bird strikes. To be effective, the pattern must uniformly cover the entire window and consist of elements of any shape (lines, dots, other geometric figures, etc.) separated by no more than 5 cm (2 inches) if oriented in horizontal rows, or by 10 cm (4 inches) if oriented in vertical columns.

These patterns reduce bird-window collisions when applied to the outer surface (Surface #1) of reflective panes. Greater spacing between pattern elements increases the risk of a strike and casualties.

Rowe Fenestration | GlasPro, Single Source Solutions in Glass

Chris Rowe, IIDA, CSIGlasPro Specialist – Customer Advocate

Kendal Rowe, Customer Advocate
Sales Representative & Design Consultant, Southern California

Rowe Fenestration | GlasPro, Single Source Solutions in Glass
Rowe Fenestration | GlasPro, Single Source Solutions in Glass