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GlassBuild America Welcomes Brand Ambassadors

The National Glass Association announced today the addition of several brand ambassadors who will champion GlassBuild America to help grow the largest glass, window and door expo in the Americas.

The addition of these prominent industry influencers will expand the reach of GlassBuild America so more participants can be made aware of the business-building benefits of attending the industry-leading event. GlassBuild features dozens of free educational and code-update seminars, networking, and the latest industry products and technologies from over 450 exhibitors.

“Finding new ways to reach the entirety of the glass and fenestration industry requires the need of volunteer advocates like these,” said Andrew Haring, Vice President of Business Development of the National Glass Association. “We are honored to have such reputable organizations, some of the best representatives of our industry, step up and help us promote the importance and significance of this event.”

The first six organizations to participate are the following:

  • Conners Sales Group
  • Edify Studios
  • MB & Associates
  • Premier Glass Products
  • Rowe Fenestration
  • T. Fin Building Solutions

“GlassBuild is a strategic partner for Rowe Fenestration. The premier event in the course of its 17-year history has continued to renew itself and educate the industry,” said Scott Rowe, principal of Rowe Fenestration. “GlassBuild offers the opportunity for the melding of technology with quality vendor partners, customers and business solutions—and it is the vehicle to add humanity back into the industry. We are humbled to join NGA’s exclusive circle of brand ambassadors.”

GlassBuild America is actively seeking additional brand ambassadors. If you are a manufacturer representative or independent consultant and are interested in getting involved, please contact the NGA at

GlassBuild America is the largest annual gathering place for the entire glass, window and door industries in the Americas.

Presented by the National Glass Association along with association sponsors, the Window & Door Dealers Alliance (WDDA), the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA), GlassBuild America is a comprehensive and united event connecting the industry to share common challenges and solutions.

Highlights include live Action Demos, free Express Learning 20-minute educational sessions, the 14th annual Glazing Executives Forum, and the 5th annual WDDA Window and Door Dealer Day. GlassBuild is supported by its official publications—Glass Magazine and Window & Door magazine.

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Airolite taps Rowe Fenestration in Southern California

Airolite has partnered with Rowe Fenestration in Southern California offering architectural louvers, custom grilles, sunscreens and sun controls. Airolite has been helping architects successfully enhance the appearance and performance of buildings all over America for more than 95 years. With exceptional workmanship, partnership and leadership, Airolite products are designed and assembled in their U.S. manufacturing center and delivered on time by an experienced network of architectural representatives.

“Rowe Fenestration’s combination of passion and expertise brings tremendous value to Airolite and our customers. We at Airolite are very happy to extend our history of success with Rowe Fenestration into Southern California,” said Greg Ewan, Segment Manager at Airolite.

“After well over a decade of continued success with Airolite in Oregon, Northern California and Northern Nevada, we are pleased to announce that we are extending our reach to Southern California,” said Bob Sharman, Principal at Rowe Fenestration. “The addition of Airolite to our offerings in this region will put us in a position to be incredibly valuable to the Southern California market.”

Rowe Fenestration offers a strategic combination of product selection and design support to architects, commercial contractors, glazing contractors and other professionals in the metal, glass and glazing industries.

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Kendal Rowe Joins Rowe Fenestration in Southern California

Rowe Fenestration has hired Kendal Rowe as sales representative and customer advocate in Southern California. With 15 years’ experience in project and budget management, Rowe honed her craft in the entertainment production industry. She has built and fostered relationships at all levels, and is well respected by peers, vendors, clients and executives alike, according to the company.

“Kendal has a knack for juggling sharp uneven objects with grace and a good attitude,” says Scott Rowe, principal at Rowe Fenestration. “With attention to detail, a strong work ethic and a get-it-done attitude, Kendal brings a level of professionalism and an aptitude for solid organization. We are proud to have her on our team.”

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Big 3 Interview: Scott Rowe by Max Perilstein

This was a really fun interview. I only recently met Scott at the past GlassBuild America, so getting a chance to do this with him was very cool for me. With just getting to know him, the more I follow Scott and his company, the more impressed I get. Manufacturers’ representatives can get a bad rap (some deserve it, believe me), but guys like Scott and his group surely do a fantastic job of making the companies they represent and our industry look good!

Did I read your profile right that you were a math major in college? How did you end up in the glass world from there?

I actually ended up in the glass business well before college.

It was the summer of 1969, as a sophomore in high school, I took a summer job at a tiny upstart glass company that was soon to move to my hometown in the Midwest. I started as a loader on the line and moved up to glass cutter, before automated cutting and optimization. I moved through the plant working many of the stations, until the day that changed my life.

It was a hot, humid corn belt kinda day in the factory. A group of five or six coolly sophisticated looking guys came in the side door. They wore pink and purple madras shirts, penny loafers with no socks, and were all sunburned. “Who are those guys?” I asked. They were a couple of our customers and the sales guys after a day of fishing and golf. I knew in that moment that I wanted to be like them: their freedom, style of communication, and that footwear. I continued to work in the plant all through high school and during every college break. “Scotty, bring a clean shirt, run to the airport to pick up our vendor/customer/architect.” Every opportunity presented brought me closer to connecting with people, talking to them, learning about them, and ultimately to sales. I started full time as a management trainee in 1975. But back to your original question, I did use my trigonometry knowledge to figure out the algorithm for the stretch factor on a vertical tong-held tempering furnace using a slide rule.

You started your manufacturers rep firm in 2005, which was when things were rolling, but then the recession hit pretty quick after that. What kept you going and then eventually growing?

By 2005 I had been in the business over 30 years at many different levels of the industry and had the opportunity to learn from some great mentors. People are the core of our business, and I am fortunate to have been surrounded by an innovative and hardworking team, a brilliant business partner, and have the support of my incredibly smart and patient wife. Like many of us, we have the urgent need to eat, sleep out of the rain and cold, and support our families. When you are a small business you are not necessarily tied to national trends. With insight and effort, we can influence and affect our own reality. We have built a small team of talented people from different backgrounds, and they are leading us to continued success as the world evolves.

A lot has obviously changed in the industry from when you started, is there anything specific (products, plants, people etc.) that make you laugh at the way things were vs. the way they are now?

Life is change. The technology of the products, the design, the process, the systems, the applications, and methods of communication have all changed greatly. The need for top quality, dependable, honest, and timely transactions and communication is as relevant as it has ever been. The speed with which things happen now is nearly in real-time. The days of the traditional library and catalogue are virtually gone; you need to have a digital footprint, social media and an online presence with a positive user experience. Technology facilitates these opportunities. As they say, “there’s an app for that.” Transition into this new world is vital.

Many of the “shazam” type products and organizations that we have expected to be overnight phenomena take far longer to develop than first expected. I liken it to a Bonnie Raitt interview I heard the year she won Grammys in four categories. “How does it feel to be an overnight success?” She replied, “Amazing, and it only took me 25 years.”

Our business has changed in many ways. We can now build better buildings with greater energy efficiency and more innovative design options as we continue to evolve toward net zero facilities. What has not changed is the need for humanity in the process. The need to develop understanding and a collaborative spirit between the ownership/design, the corporate manufacturing entities, the GCs and the specialty subcontractors remains a vital challenge for a successful outcome.

Madras shirts are back (for some of us never gone). I still love fancy socks and a great pair of velvet shoes, but I do stay out of the sun now on advice of my dermatologist. I was able to do it, and I still love what I do. We truly respect and enjoy the culture of this wonderful industry and are extremely fortunate to have the support of excellent vendor partners. We continue to get up every day to assist our customers as they work to complete successful projects.

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Rowe Fenestration Hires New MM Systems Representative

Rowe Fenestration hired Laura Avina to represent MM Systems in southern California. Laura has over 15 years of experience in the construction industry with an emphasis on project management, estimating, business development and management of customer relationships.

“We are very pleased with the addition of Laura to our team. MM Systems Corp. has been a strong and dependable vendor partner and we look forward to growing their business,” says Scott Rowe, principal and glass geek at Rowe Fenestration.