Meet Our Team

One of the key differentiators of working with Rowe Fenestration?  Our people.

Behind every title, email, or phone call – there is an individual with a sparkling personality working hard to find solutions to your fenestration challenges. Get to know us!

Scott Rowe

Principal, Glass Geek

Scott is just an average guy with a good attitude.

In 1970 he took a summer job in a glass factory in his hometown in Minnesota. A group of guys came into the factory – sun burned, wearing pink and purple madras shirts, penny loafers and no socks. Scott had to know “who are those guys?”

“Those are the sales guys.”
“I wanna be that.”

Now as a 45 year veteran of the industry, Scott has touched all aspects of the glass business. He thrives on relationships and sharing big ideas. He is a high appreciator and a student of culinary and viniculture arts; husband to a wonderful woman and father to 6 exceptional children.

Chris Rowe

Director of Creativity, IIDA, CSI

Growing up in a household supported by glass and metal, Chris was never able to escape his destiny of becoming a glass geek himself. After a short stint in Korea, he came back stateside in 2013 and joined the Rowe Fenestration team as an outside sales arm, customer advocate, and architectural liaison.

After work, Chris loves to travel and explore as much as time and money permit. He is an animal lover and an avid proponent that dogs and cats can live together in harmony under the same roof. Hiking, camping, reading, and woodworking have found a stronghold in what little free time he has left.

Kendal Rowe

Southern California Sales & Customer Advocate

Kendal has been hosting dinner parties since she was old enough to talk. The care and attention she applies to serving others makes her the consummate hostess. A foodie who makes everything from scratch, she takes care of people – feeding the heart and soul.

With 15 years experience in project and budget management, Kendal honed her craft in the entertainment production industry. She has built and fostered relationships at all levels, and is well respected by her crew, peers, vendors, clients and executives alike. With attention to detail, a solid work ethic, and a get it done attitude, Kendal brings a level of professionalism that raises the bar.

She has joined Rowe Fenestration as a Southern California sales representative and customer advocate, bringing with her a skill set that is universal yet rare. When she is not collaborating with our partners, you can find Kendal quenching her thirst for adventure – whether that’s at the top of half dome or on the beaches of Bali.

Brent Boggess

CSI, Customer Advocate / Airolite Specialist

Brent worked for Xerox for 25 years as a field technician, shop foreman and later an inventory manager before coming on board with Rowe Fenestration in 2013.

A music enthusiast, for the past 5 years, he has volunteered at the Sacramento Music Festival as part of the stage lighting crew. Brent also moonlights as a DJ at his friend’s radio station, you can hear his soothing voice on KFUN 104.9.

Ryan Stephens

CSI, Customer Advocate / EFCO Specialist

Ryan provides design assistance, product quotes and project management for EFCO commercial aluminum products for Rowe Fenestration.

When Ryan takes his EFCO superhero cape off for the day, you can find his alter ego in the garden, riding his bike, or incognito at a Sharks game. He also occasionally sports a Jerry Garcia beard and enjoys live music. His favorite past time of all? Spending time with his wonderful family!

Rob Bennett

Customer Advocate / Estimating & Project Management

After running a successful small business, Rob brings this foundation to his work as a Customer Advocate and specialist to the Rowe Fenestration team. A Navy brat, he has had the good fortune to experience life at various locales across the country, finally choosing to put down roots in sunny Sacramento, California. With a solid construction background, Rob is pragmatic and looks for the most effective solutions to challenges and believes timeliness is paramount. When he isn’t working hard for our customers you can find him enjoying different sides of the leisure time spectrum, from golf to car racing. But if he could do anything, he would take to the open skies as a helicopter pilot, a dream he’s had for as long as he can remember.

Micah Zurer

CSI, Customer Advocate / EFCO Specialist

Micah grew up in Brooklyn, NYC and started in the industry working as a journeyman for Demolition Local #79 followed by a stint as a general contractor in Mount Vernon, NY. In 2005, he moved to San Francisco, CA and eventually landed at a glass shop in Marin County where he worked for 7 years. He joined Rowe Fenestration in 2015 and has not looked back.

Micah is an illustrator, poet, philosopher, and avid music fan. He can be found at many different venues appreciating the arts and laughing uproariously at the baffling intricacies of existence. He enjoys the esoteric, the painfully mundane, moderate to strenuous hikes and moderate to strenuous partying.

Andrea Tower

Marketing & Sales Administrative Coordinator

Andrea is an administrative professional with extensive background in executive support, account management, and customer relations within a variety of diverse industries.

One of Andrea’s passions is our furry four legged friends. She has been active in the dog rescue community for over 8 years. You can find her and her pups enjoying the great outdoors – hiking, camping, horseback riding (maybe not the dogs), and taking in all nature has to offer with her family.

Lindsey Parker

Director of Marketing & Communications

Lindsey is a marketing communications and public relations professional, social media aficionado, and nonprofit enthusiast.

A former entertainment publicist, she relocated from Los Angeles to Virginia to work with Operation Smile, a dream come true. After 5 wonderful years on the Brand Marketing team at Operation Smile, she and her husband relocated with their growing family to Richmond, VA.

She has joined the Rowe Fenestration team and now manages digital first impressions from behind a HUGE cup of coffee.

Spencer Bennett

Airolite, Dri-Duct, MM Systems Specialist & Customer Advocate

Born and raised in Sacramento, Spencer has always had an eye for good design. Cars were a passion at an early age. To the chagrin of his teachers, he was constantly turning in homework assignments with new model designs drawn on the back. On weekends, he spent his time modifying his go-cart to be better, faster, and more aerodynamic.

Later, Spencer set his sights on understanding human motivation and inspiration. He obtained a psychology degree with picturesque Monterey, CA as his backdrop, followed by a stint at the Mazda Raceway in Laguna Seca, with an emphasis on marketing and sales.

Spencer joined the Rowe Fenestration team and combines his love of good design and sales experience with his understanding of the human brain – what better traits to be a customer advocate?