A mesh with a high decorative, cultural, functional potential

Woven fiber mesh

I-MESH is an innovative woven material to provide grid and texture. A basic yarn material ordered in to different density and colors, to make customized and unique installation for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s made of infinite texture designs, with natural yarn colors of white, black, grey, gold, or copper. Yarns can also be dyed, to offer a potentially infinite pantone for indoor applications. The names of the materials explain its technological soul – carbon fiber, fiberglass, zylon, technora and basalt.


I-MESH is beautiful and exciting to design, comfortable to handle, easy to install, light to transport. It’s not bulky, it can be folded and stored just like a fabric, it has low operating and mounting costs, no need for maintenance, it can be recycled and reused, and it can be redefined and regenerated.

I-MESH is a multi-axial and multifunctional mesh: an invention, a new frontier to be discovered by the creative minds of contemporary designers and architects for the industry they are related to. It is sustainable, recyclable, noise-absorbing, insulating, and non-combustible.

Sustainability has become a company working style, a philosophy that translates into an ever going project. Even the smallest waste in production becomes a new project, a new development program, something new to invent every time.”






Chris Rowe: Director of Creativity, GlasPro and Aluflam Specialist
512-914-6865 / chris@RoweFen.com

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